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Service-Oriented Architecture

Enterprise Service Bus

One of the greatest challenges facing companies today is how to share data and instructions amongst various applications, services, and other internal systems. This is especially true where the interactions are between legacy systems and their modern cousins. Given a simplistic scenario of connecting two applications, a straightforward point-to-point integration suffices. However, where three or more applications or services need to be integrated, an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) may prove more cost-effective.

API Management

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are the fundamental building blocks of SOA, enabling developers to utilise back-end services referenced by these powerful tools. As these blocks grow in number, the need to ensure scalability and provide secure access to both internal and external parties quickly becomes paramount, requiring proper API Management.

Enterprise Payment Gateway

It is important for banks to know the consolidated movement of funds. There are numerous numbers of the method how funds are transferred from and to the banks. In Malaysia’s context, these methods include: SWIFT, IBG, IBFT, FPX, RENTAS, Western Union, Merchant Trade and iPay88

container management1.jpg
Container Management Platform

Containers enable developers to test, deploy and secure applications in resource-independent environments. However, without a proper management platform in place, the organisation, scheduling and storage of these containers quickly become a challenge. Having a container management platform aids companies in streamlining container delivery, enables scalability and improves the performance of widely distributed applications.

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